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Music Publishing division of "Backstage Pass Management" is officially up and running, registered with ASCAP as "FLUFFY BUNNY MUSIC Publishing". Yes you read that correctly, over the years two very close friends and business associates of mine had joked one day we should open our own record label and call it Fluffy Bunny Records.The three of us have been a bit known for lets say overprotecting our artists and looking out for them.(Momager needs therapy type stuff)  Basically, the idea was to create a "shark free zone", all deals fair, simple and clearly defined, beneficial for artist and momager, a safe, supportive place where musicians could go etc..yes folks. 

Well FLUFFY BUNNY MUSIC is the one name out of  the several choices that ASCAP selected for me. Where they say pick your first choice, second, third... well its either divine intervention or for me more of  a Dan Akroyd & Stay Puft the Marshmellow man moment. I had to pick a name and Fluffy Bunny seemed like the most harmless and good thing I could think of. LOL.....

I am blessed to  know a lot of super talented musicians, song writers,  and rockers. We thought,why not connect our contacts in the Movie and Television industry to our large pool of talented musicians and make some money!!!. We will stick with the original idea, or mission statement I guess it could be considered... When you work with me and my associates at FBM you are covered, safe from attack (a shark free zone).We just want to put musicians together with opportunities that are right for them.  Also to make money for both of us while exposing their music to entirely new fan bases at  the same time. The artist is free to go elsewhere at any time, the artists maintains 100 % writers  credits at all times.  Backstage Pass has its own available advertising budgets to promote and showcase the various artists through the year where and when required. Backstage Pass/FLUFFY BUNNY MUSIC is not looking for new artists to send in submissions as this time. 


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