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I was born at an early age in Orange, California. I moved, as a very young kid, to North San Diego County to a town called San Marcos. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer, of all things! I graduated from San Marcos High School, and upon graduation I was accepted to attend USC for pre-law. Then my parents informed me that they weren’t going to pay for my college. Thus enduth my legal career.

I enrolled at Palomar Junior College (also in San Marcos) and there I found radio- much to my parents dismay…..my mom still asks when I am going to get a “real job”. I did air- shifts, production, promotions and I started producing an interview show, which I called “Backstage Pass”. My first interview was with David Johanson- long after the New York Dolls and way before Buster Poindexter.

Upon graduating from Palomar I took the show and the name “Backstage Pass” with me to 91X- the legendary San Diego alternative radio station. My first interview there was with Kate Pierson of the B-52’s. Backstage Pass aired on 91X for the next ten years where I interviewed such major artists as Robert Smith of The Cure, Sting (just after The Police), and all of Nirvana (including a very subdued Kurt Cobain). I worked many jobs for the station, on air, production, research, and ended up as Promotions Director.

As radio goes, and I was about to learn, you get fired a lot in the radio business. After 10 years at 91X I was shown the door. After a brief stint working with a classic rock station I became part of the original crew that started the second alternative radio station in San Diego called “The Flash” where I was VP of Marketing and Music Director. In addition to those titles I also continued to producing Backstage Pass. I also produced and hosted 2 other shows: “The All-Request Flashback Hour” and a new music show called “Flash Forward”. The station only lasted about 5 years and I was gone in 2.

I left San Diego (although I had bought a house there- which I still own) and finally got to be The Boss a.k.a. Program Director. I had to travel to San Bernardino to do it. For the next 5 years I was pretty much in charge of KCXX “X1039”. I had a great run there, got huge ratings, did amazing concerts (ten bands in one Christmas show alone), and while continuing to produce and host Backstage Pass, I began producing and hosting “The Sunday Night Music Meeting”. During this show I had some amazing live in studio guests including Dexter from The Offspring, Gavin Rossdale from Bush and Morrissey.

But as I learned in radio…yes…there was that door again. Not missing a beat I immediately went to Los Angeles to an alternative radio station called Y017. I finally made the big time, right? ….wrong! Two months after I got there. Y017 changed formats to a Spanish language format. They were kind enough to ask me to stay, but “no hablo espanol”….so out the door again.

I was able to stay in LA, but my next gig was as Marketing Director for a classical and jazz radio combo called K-Mozart (KMZT) and KJAZ (now gone). Being an “alternative boy” and having to work classical (imaging working in a library….or a morgue) and jazz (same kind of atmosphere), you can imagine that I wouldn’t last long there. I was gone in less than a year.

My next journey was my first out of Southern California. I got called, and accepted, a six month tryout as Operations Manager and Morning Show Co-host at a rock station in Guymon, Oklahoma called KKBS “The Boss”. I loved this station! My morning show partner was hilarious, the owner was committed to win, promotionally aggressive, and loved to make the radio station fun! I also got to resurrect both Backstage Pass and The Sunday Night Music Meeting. During this time I would travel to places like Amarillo, Texas to interview bands like Alien Ant Farm. I really enjoyed the station and the people, but after my six months decided it was time to go ….”back to Cali…” To this day I am still friends with the staff att KKBS “The Boss”. Just recently I participate as a guest in a weekly talk show on the station called “The Men’s Room” The Sunday Night Music Meeting still airs on KKBS, now hosted by Dusty Hudson- a total music-head like me.

I came back to California and decided that I would go back to school and finish off the Bachelor’s Degree that I never got. This idea lasted one semester. Although I got straight A’s- radio came calling me again.

I came to the Coachella Valley as Marketing Director for a company called Morris Media. I was the Marketing Director in charge of six radio stations and of which I got to play music on not a single one. I lasted less than 2 years. But not wanting to leave the Palm Springs area. I hooked up with Mitchell Media and got to start doing my two favorites things again: Backstage Pass and The Sunday Night Music Meeting. The shows have been on the air since October of 2003 and I’ve already had the pleasure of interviewing old friends like John Feldman of Goldfinger and Fred of Cowboy Mouth. I’ve also been turned on to some amazing unsigned talent by my partner and Music Coordinator for the show Laura Brady. She found and put on the show great new and local acts like Troubled Minority and Conspiracy of Thought.

In June of 2004 I started doing weekend and fill-in airshifts with 103.7 KPLN "The Planet" in San Diego, so I am truly living and working in 2 cities now. In the fall of 2004 I joined the airstaff of M995 fulltime doing afternoons- (3PM-7PM) so now you can hear me 7 days a week on M995.


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